The Products

Bruzzese Uova presents the egg range in commerce that can be found in shops and large-scale retail distribution. Our farm also produces and brand wrap on customer’s request.
our eggs

Standard range
Battery hens
Plastic package
6 or 10 eggs
NEW packaging
100% recycled-recyclable
10 eggs
Bruzzese brand
"Regional" Eggs Range
New range of regional eggs
coming from barn raised
and battery hens

6 or 10 eggs
Terra Range
Eggs only from
barn raised hens
Bruzzese brand

6 or 10 eggs
Ovonatur Range
New carton of eggs
"ideal for pasta"
Ovonatur brand

6 uova
Nutritional label
Nutritional facts average for
100g of egg without eggshell
How the eggshell can be read?
Click here know what the characters impressed on the eggshell correspond to.
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