The farming business Bruzzese has been operating in the poultry farm industry since 1968.

Everything began with the work of Bruzzese Eugenio, who started the business in the countryside of Olgiate Olona town, in the province of Varese.

Initially the farm essentially consisted of three barns designated for the hens and of an area designated for egg collection with machinery which implied manual collection and a mill was annexed to produce food to feed the hens.

In 1993, Andrea Bruzzese, son of Eugenio Bruzzese, joined the poultry farm, and later in 2002, his daughter Elena also joined in.

Over the years, thanks to the sector development and to the continuous market increase, the farm has launched a process of growth and modernization.
Bruzzese Eugenio
Bruzzese Eugenio . The beginnings
Bruzzese Elena, Eugenio and Andrea
Bruzzese Elena, Eugenio and Andrea
Today, the farming business
Bruzzese is a reality
in the poultry farm industry,
boasting of a respectable
and a vast range of clientele,
ranging from small to
large-scale distribution.
Staff Bruzzese
the Farm today. the staff
Company headquarters Bruzzese
The Farm today. the outside
The foundation of this farm is rooted in the passion for one’s own work and in the tradition of a family with old values that has an ultimate goal that of offering everyday a genuine, high-quality and unique in taste product to the Italian table.

Il gruppo Bruzzese
a Farm made of people.